Hose floaters are made to keep hoses afloat. At Sailmaker de Wit we also call them the Flootzer. If we are looking at this product we will see a lot of different names. Think about the cable float, pipe float, buoyancy bags or hose floats. They all have one think in common. They will keep the hose, cable or pipeline afloat.

The hose floaters, which are made by Sailmaker de Wit, are made of strong PVC canvas. All our floaters are inflatable. When the float is deflated it does require a lot of space. This makes the Flootzer an easy to carry product. It can also be used at the next project.

Every project is unique, so everytime we have to look at the circumstances again. The buoyancy is required, but also the total length of the hose is needed. When we have al the data we can decide which floater can be used.

Hose floater in two types

Sailmaker de Wit developed two type of hose floaters. The first one is the Flootzer which consists one inflatable cylinder. The second one is the floater with two individual cylinders. The two cylinders are attached to each other with strong PVC canvas.

Mostly in shallow waters the Flootzer hose floater is used. Because this product must be inflated it is flexible. By using our floaters direct contact with the bottom can be avoided. Interaction with rock is no longer necessary. Prevent damage to hoses by using our Flootzer hose floater.

Hose floater CAD