Keep your hoses, cables and pipelines afloat with the Flootzer hose floater. The floats which are made of strong PVC canvas can resist high temperatures. When the temperature rises the pressure will rise too. But our Flootzer can resist high pressure too. So it is a very strong product.

Inflatable hose floater

When the hose floater is deflated it will not use a lot of space. The hose floater can be compactly stored  untill needed at location. Sailmaker de Wit has years of experience in making strong floats. The Flootzer, as we call them at Sailmaker de Wit, is resistant to both high temperatures and high pressures.

Flootzer hose floater 1000                       Flootzer hose floater


Normally the Flootzer hose floater is used at shallow waters. The hose often goes from ship to land or otherwise. But also at lakes the floats are used. By using the floaters direct contact with the bottom of the water is avoided.

Avoid direct contact with hose floater

Avoid dragging hoses across the bottom using our Flootzer, and prevent rocks from damaging hoses. The Flootzer hose floater ensures that damage to the hoses  is avoided by keeping them afloat and making direct contact with the bottom unneccesary . Sometimes big rocks will cause damage to the hoses. The inflatable floaters are also for a flexible use of the hose.

All the floaters, which are made at Sailmaker de Wit, are thoroughly tested. Before selling the product, a quality test is conducted. This test will be done to be sure of delivering a high quality product to our customers.